Do you ever find yourself making up a whole bunch of excuses why you can’t get in shape? Well — I’m here to tell you that those excuses are BS. If Mayra Rosales can do it then anyone can.
Mayra was so morbidly obese that not only could she not walk, she could barely lift herself up in bed. This made it impossible for Mayra to bathe or take care of herself, and she had to have family help her with the essentials of living.
When enough was enough, she had to have surgery to take away a large bulk of her weight so that she was able to move enough to actually start a weight loss regimen.
The next part of her journey was hard work, but she also had multiple surgical procedures to help with cutting down her weight because her body had gotten so bad.
Since then she has lost more than 80% of her body weight. The transformation is amazing.


1028 lbs

misshapen legs

difficult everyday tasks






Look at her now

now 2

now 3