This group is a family in a polyamorous relationship. They call themselves a “trouple” and they already have two kids and are expecting a third. Meet Adam Lyons, 34, who lives with his two girlfriends, Brooke Shedd, 26, and Jane Shalakhova, 25.

Adam from London is in a relationship with two women. He has had two children with Brooke Shedd and is now about to have a third with his other girlfriend Jane Shalakhova.

The “trouple”, who are practising polyamory by having a relationship with more than two people involved, says having an extra parent makes life easier for everyone involved. Brooke’s eldest son Oliver loves having an extra person to hang out with. Adam was believed to be one of the luckiest men alive. Although having two girlfriends could get stressful, the fact that they get along only makes things better.

When he was growing up in the UK, Adam didn’t have much success with women.
He says: ‘At high school, I was voted the least likely to ever get a girlfriend. I believed that no girl would ever want me so I withdrew into myself. I became a nerd who stayed at home all day.’
But at the age of 25 whilst he was working as a janitor, Adam decided to learn how to pick up women.

‘I started reading about pick-up artists and how you can use psychology to make yourself more attractive. ‘In no time, I was sleeping with amazing women I could only have dreamed of back at school.’

As soon as they brought their first children into the world, their focus has been on raising them. Oliver refers to his second mother as “Jane” but his younger brother calls her mom. They will also let the new addition to the family call her mom as well.

Jane was never sure if she wanted kids. Being in this relationship has allowed her to expand her motherly role. Surprisingly, they have had a successful time co-parenting thus far. It’s easy when everyone is on the same page and shares enough of their lives with each other to develop a loving and trusting relationship.

The three people involved share a king size bed. They live on a very large property in Austin. Adam and Jane use one house as a home office while the other house is reserved as living quarters where Brooke homeschools the children.

The main focus of the “trouple” is family. They revel in the fact there is always someone available to watch the kids while they take turns going on dates and spending quality time together. They have obviously faced some intense scrutiny, but take it in stride. They have gone this far without anyone’s advice.

Many people told them their relationship wouldn’t last and would cause a lot of problems. They have proven their critics wrong and are still going strong after five years. They believe they are setting a good example and playing a pivotal role in changing society’s views on what relationships should be.

According to the law, the three polyamorous people are not allowed to get married to each other but hope they can change that one day. Brooke has expressed extreme interest in being able to have a wedding so she can prove her love and commitment to both Adam and Jane. Until then, #1 describes their current goals.

Adam, Brooke, and Jane are living happily while raising their children. They are living proof that families are made up of much more than one mom, one dad, two moms, or two dads. They insist this is not just a phase and hope their normal and happy children are proof of the benefits of being polyamorous.