A lot of people worry about getting fired and how this would affect their lives. They think about how they’re going to take care of their family or how they’ll finance the new project they’re working on. Losing a job is often a big blow especially if it catches one at a bad time.

I know someone who lost her job and was out of work for months. She was a single mom with one son, so it wasn’t easy. She had to dip into her savings to pay the boy’s fees for the new term and cut a lot of spending. It really disrupted her finances and soon she began to struggle.

People do all they can to keep their job so they don’t have to put themselves and their family in that sort of situation. They endure horrible bosses. They cheat on the job. They engage in inappropriate relationships. They work for an unfair amount of time and pay, and they just go with the flow even when something’s not right at the workplace for fear that they’ll be fired. Nobody wants to lose a job unless something better is in line.

If you’re feeling uncertain about your job, the main thing is to stay positive. There’s no need to be anxious because it’s not going to make you more productive at work or anywhere. You can deal with the anxiety by changing the way you think. The thing is, they’re probably not going to fire you anyway. So just focus on doing your job well and enjoy what you do.

If it still bothers you, however, speak with your boss and colleagues to see what they have to say about your conduct and performance. Regularly ask them what they think about your conduct and performance at the office. That way you can get feedback about how you’re doing and see what they think about you and if you have to change anything. If there’s any reason you might be sacked soon, you’ll know.

Also make sure to keep good relations with everyone at the office whether it’s the CEO or the doorman. If you’re not getting along well with your boss or your coworkers, think about what the problems might be and do what you can to improve your relations with them. It’s incredibly helpful to maintain a good rapport with the people you work with. These people can put in a good word for you and get behind you if you’re at any risk. They can tip you for promotion or a raise and generally it’s a good career tip to get along with your work people and have a nice personality. Everyone likes to have such people around.


It’s also crucial to stay useful to your company. Companies are always looking to retain their most productive, most competent employees and these people are usually the least likely to get fired at any given time. So it’s important to constantly work to develop yourself so that you can get better at your job. Keep improving your game and stay ahead of the curve. Whatever you do, keep sharpening your skills, maintain a great work ethic and keep proving to the people you work for that they HAVE TO keep you in the company.

Meanwhile it’s important to not put yourself in a position where your world would come crashing if you suddenly lose your job. You’ve got to prepare for the eventuality by diversifying your resources. You could set up a business on the side or something, or you could invest some other ventures. It’s not a great idea to be constantly dependent on your next salary. The important thing is to always have a backup plan.

Losing a job is certainly not a pleasant thing and should be avoided, but if you have to work at a job where you’re often made to do something wrong or against your conscience, perhaps you’ll need to brace yourself for a possible termination if you explain your objections respectfully to your superiors and yet they threaten to fire you.

If it eventually happens, you’ll leave with your head high and with your integrity intact. What’s more, a far better job may just come soon after and then your courage would have paid off after all.