Your time and your space is something that should be reserved for only the most special and genuine people. Stop wasting your time before it’s too late.

You shouldn’t be wasting your time with that guy who never seems to love you the way that you love him. You can’t be devoting yourself to someone who can never seem to love you the way that you need to be loved. Don’t be wasting your time on that one guy who shuts you out often even though you always let him all the way in. Stop wasting your time with the man who pushes you away at every opportunity even though all you want to do is mend his wounds and make him feel like he’s a valuable soul. Don’t give any more attention to the guy who walks past you like you’re a wall ornament even though you treat him like he’s a masterful piece of art.

Just stop spending time with a man who still isn’t over his ex; the man who says he only has eyes for you, but is also looking at other women at the same time. Stop being with the guy who acts like the victim in the situation even though the both of you know perfectly well that he’s the master of victimizing others. Stop allowing your time to be wasted by a man who acts like a predator while you’re left to play the role of the prey.

Stop wasting your time staring at a blank cellphone screen waiting for a reply that is never going to come. Stop wasting your time waiting by the phone waiting for a phone call that is never going to materialize. Stop wasting your time by being with a man who will never make an effort to communicate with you in a way that your relationship requires. You have to start preserving whatever dignity and self-worth you have left. You can’t afford to be wasting more of your valuable time because this is time that you’re never going to get back in the future.

Don’t allow yourself to waste your time with someone who just reeks of inconsistency. You can’t let yourself succumb to the charms of a man who is hot one minute and cold in the next. You need to devote yourself to someone who manages to make time stand still; someone who can make your heart skip a beat over and over again. You need to start spending your time with someone who makes you feel like you’re floating on a cloud on a bright summer day. You can’t let yourself waste time with someone who makes you feel like you’re walking under a perpetual rain storm.

Stop wasting your time with someone who thinks that you aren’t worth the truth. Stop settling for the man who thinks that lies and dishonesty are perfectly normal aspects of your relationship. Your time is the one commodity that you can’t afford to spare for someone who sees no importance in making your happy.

H/T : Relrules