Except you are dating a writer or a hopeless romantic who is extremely good with words, you will have to agree with me that men aren’t exactly good with putting their feelings out there through any medium whatsoever.

He might say it to you sometimes and say it so well you actually grin through the whole day, but most times you go through weeks without hearing or reading another compliment from him.

It is not that he doesn’t love you or feel attracted or find you attractive, it is because he is a man and they suck at these things.

Though he might not say it, he is thinking it and if you are attentive enough, you will actually see it.

Here are some of those things he might not say but that he is feeling.

-He prefers being with you than being with the guys: I know this sounds so unbelievable and almost impossible but as much as men love their guys’ time out and will not let anything stand in the way of it, sometimes all they want is to be in the arms of the woman they love while they watch TV together. Yes they want to see their guys and spend time with them but sometimes that tires them, especially if the guys’ time out comes with booze and women and loud music.

When you speak to your man and you can feel he needs you more than the guys, then let him. Indulge him and let him know you are ready to have him.

-You are always beautiful to the man who loves you. And I don’t mean beautiful that has been achieved after one hour in front of the mirror while you plaster Mac/Sleek/Zaron cosmetics on your face, I mean the beautiful that stares at him in the morning when your face is clear of all that make up, when you are not proud of your morning breath and when you feel like you don’t look so good.

I’m talking about the beautiful that has been achieved when you emerge from the shower after having a bath and all you have on is your towel and your clean face. That beautiful. When he says the words to you during these periods? Like say them out? Babe, you got a keeper, keep him.

-They are as afraid of being alone as you are: While growing up, I learnt how to be strong, how to be a woman that my generation would be proud of, how to make it in a country like Nigeria and I also learnt men don’t have fears that women have.

Now that I am grown up, I have come to realize that the latter is very untrue. Maybe it helped prepare me to expect the worst from their kind so I won’t get my heart shattered into pieces all the time, but that is about all it did.

Men are as human as women and they don’t want to hurt/get hearbroken the way we don’t want it. They don’t want to be left alone in the cold when the woman they love walks away from them.

It is not just a woman thing and the moment you have a man in love in your hands, know that he might not wake up to tell you that every day but he is very afraid of losing you.

-They are slightly jealous of your male friends: Show me a guy who is hundred percent comfortable with his woman being with her male friend all the time while she shares secrets with him and I will show you a guy who is not in love.

He would be jealous of the time you both spend together, he would be jealous when that male friend is the first person you gist some things that happened at work and he would be jealous of the things you both do together. He might not say it but it doesn’t mean he is not slightly jealous of that guy.

-They are scared out of their minds during PMS and the real deal itself: When a woman is PMSing and she starts acting real crazy and her emotions is all over the face, most times, the man is there, calm and helping her through the hardest period of her period (of course pun intended hehe).

Sometimes he would even hold you and whisper a lot of “you will be fine” while you yell at him for nothing in particular or even stain his sheets.

But know that beneath all that calm face he is wearing, he is fighting hard not to cower behind the couch and hide there till the storm is over.

Some men show these emotions easily and some don’t. But if you are with a man who rarely shows these things, know that the fact that he is not showing it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.