1. Your idea of fun is knitting…

2. …or playing cards with “the girls.”

3. You love a good cup of tea…

4. …and sweaters.

5. You go to bed early…

6. …and get up early.

7. You love to give your friends “little treats.”

8. One glass of wine gets you tipsy.

9. You’re always cold.

10. You love Downton Abbey.

11. You drink decaf.

12. You call your significant other “honey” or some other pet name.

13. You’re a bit cranky…

14. …and you say what you think.

15. But everyone can count on you for a good hug.

16. You appreciate good music (that was all released years before your birth).

17. You just don’t get people your own age.

18. You’ve been told you have an old soul.

19. And you’re embracing it!