Things Women Do That Men Hate

black couple arguing

As a woman, it is hard to tell the things men do that we hate except we are being told by fellow men that certain things are actually very annoying. That is why I decided to ask some of my friends that are married or about to marry to tell me the things they don’t like that most women do. The things are mainly the reasons why some men flee and I chose 10 things by popularity.


1. Undermining your man: by default, some women are very good at talking their men down. Whenever the man walks up to her to share a dream with her, she starts giving him reasons why he can’t do it or why he is not strong enough for the task. Men love women that will boost their confidence by encouraging them. Even if the task looks almost impossible to you, it is your duty as his woman to tell he can do it. He has had enough tongue lashing from crazy drivers and all that while coming home, he doesn’t need more from you.

2. Disloyalty: men wants their women to be loyal to them. He wants you to be faithful to him and him alone. No one wants a cheating spouse; who wants all that heart ache? One of the people I asked said if his woman is not loyal, he has no business taking her serious. He wants someone who will say 1 and her 1 will be her 1; all men want someone they can rely on at all times.

3. Lack of devotion: one sided relationships suck a whole lot. You are trying too hard to please a woman that is not even showing any sign of seriousness. Whenever it is time to talk about something crucial, she always finds a way of evading the topics. Men are the ones always trying to run away from commitments but a woman doing this means, she is unserious and the man won’t even take her serious. She becomes the bedroom buddy.

4. Insensitive to his feelings: far from what we were told or made to understand, men like to be checked up on. They want you to ask how they are feeling, if they’ve eaten, how work is going and all that. If you don’t ask and he shares with you what is bothering him and then you don’t even bother asking how it is going, he will be pissed. He may not show it but he will be pissed. If you offend him, say sorry. Men like to be pampered, tend to his soft side by doing the things he likes the most.

5. Dressing badly: men hate women that do not know how to dress to fit an occassion. He wants to flaunt you and show you off to his friends, don’t embarass him by looking shabby, underdressed, overdressed or almost naked. Dress to suit the ocassion.

6. Gossiping: don’t be found telling tales that don’t concern you. Men hate women that can’t just keep their mouths shut and mind their business. If you are always fond of spreading gists that don’t concern you, he will find you very untrustworthy.

7. Choking his airspace: some women can cling for africa. They are everywhere with the man even if it is the toilet. They want to know what he is up to at every moment. They will bug with you calls every second and when he doesn’t pick because he is busy, they get all teary and starts throwing lame accusations at him. Men hate women that tend to be overly obsessive and jealous for no reason.

8. Nagging: this one has been an enemy to men from ages past. Quit all the talk talk. If you want him to listen to you, talk to him softly and make sure he is in a good mood. You don’t have to scream before you pass a message across.

9. Making obscene demands: men have issues with women that beg, in fact, they hate girls that make very obscene demands. Buy me gold, buy me diamond, buy me car, buy me house, buy me the moon; always buying something for you. Be the woman that complements, not ruin him.

10. A woman with no value: men hate women that don’t even know who they are. Most men are sapios*xual and not about the hot body you flaunt. If you are looking beautiful and s*xy and the word from your mouth is like a full trash can, it is obviously not worth it. Be beautiful and be brilliant.

What are the things you hate in women?