If you ever thought that men notice only a few things in a woman then you are mistaken my friend.

Though men nay not like to admit it, but they are a keen observant and there are many things that can turn him off. There are many things that can turn off your guy, and here we are listing some of these habits which usually tops the list of all men.

1. Too much makeup: Now, we all know that special occasion needs special makeup, but that doesn’t mean that you empty the entire contents of your makeup kit. Being natural and just highlighting your best features.

2. Whining and complaining: There are days when even the strongest of woman breaks down and needs a shoulder to cry and whine about life, but don’t make that a regular habit. No matter how much ever your guy is crazy for you, no one can stand a person’s whining after a certain limit and it’s always best to stay in your whining limits.

3. No opinions: It’s one thing to boost a man’s ego and say yes to things that pleases him. But this doesn’t works everytime. A guy always loves a girl who has her own opinions and stands with it. No guy is interested in a girl who always says yes just to cheer him up.

4. Stop being his mom: There’s a fine and quite literally a thin line between showing your concern and acting like a mommy to your guy. Don’t tell him when to eat, sleep or how to make his hair look great. You wouldn’t like it if your mom is always telling you to do stuff.

5. Overload of perfume: Hygiene is a great thing but too much is exhausting. You like to smell good every minute of the day is great but kindly do not empty the bottle of that perfume and keep some for the next time. Men dislike a woman who empties one whole bottle of perfume.

6. Not being punctual: We understand ladies that you want to look hot for your date, but that doesn’t mean that you take the entire day to do. If you say five minutes then take five and not fifty minutes to get ready.

7. Criticizing: There are smart and diplomatic ways to saying him how you dislike his certain habits and even friends. Ladies if you want to criticize his habits or friends try to make it sound as positive and constructive as possible. But make sure that you don’t overdo it as men hate women are constantly bickering or criticizing his habits, friends and basically everything about him.