Being broke might leave you totally clueless and confused.

But there are still some certain things you can do to make the woman in  your life super excited.

No matter how women like money and material things, if you treat them well when you’re broke they’ll still love you because some women believe that the future will be better than the present.

However, please note that this trick might not work for all kinds of women.

For some women, they can only love when there is money and once the pocket is dry, they are moving on to the next big thing.

But if your woman is totally different, check out these 5 romantic things you can do with her.



Yes you read right! Remember you are the broke one here and she is still sticking with you. Take her mind off your broke status for a minute and make her some sweet smelling and delicious dinner. Trust me every girl wants to be treated like a queen, and cooking for your girlfriend is such a romantic gesture.