Here are some things that absolutely confirm your man is crazy about you:

1. He Lets You Choose The Channel Even Though He’s Missing The Game

When your man is fully engrossed in the finals match of his favorite sporting league, and you ask him if you could switch over to watch Grey’s Anatomy instead, he’ll willingly oblige if he’s crazy about you. He won’t like it, but he loves you too much to say no to you.

2. He Follows You Wherever

He’ll even uproot his entire life if needed. Wherever you want to be is where he wants to be. If he promises to always be at your side, then he’s definitely crazy about you.

3. He Holds Your Things For You When You Need It

There’s nothing manly about having to hold a purse for a prolonged period of time. Guys hate it when you let them hold your purses for you, but if they’re still willing to do it, then that means they’re crazy about you and they’ll do whatever they can to make you happy. So the next time you have to go into the changing room for a fitting while shopping, try asking him to hold your purse for you. If he agrees, then he’s a keeper, ladies.

4. He Gets Fit For You

He always wants you to be crazy about him, and that includes keeping himself fit so that he’s easier on your eyes. He’s constantly doing things to make you happy because his own personal happiness depends on it. He’s absolutely head over heels for you.

5. He Drives You Everywhere

Who needs a chauffeur when you have a boyfriend who’s crazy about you and is willing to drive you wherever you want to go? He’s better than an Uber driver because he also gives you gifts and lets you crank up the music of the car whenever you please.

6. He Treats Your Friends Like They Are His Own

He knows how important your friends are to you and so they’re important to him as well. He is always making an effort to care for them and win their hearts over just so you know that he’s all-in with this relationship. Continue reading on the next page