Have you ever noticed your partner’s expressions getting changed, from clear to sour? That’s probably you said something terrible that you shouldn’t have. Mostly, guys are pretty chill, with anything you talk to them. But at times, you may slip out things that might hurt your lover. Play with him, fool around, tease him, but never utter something that would hurt him.

So, next time you spend some time with your friend, remember these “not to mention” points to your man!

1. Your Friend is Attractive

Did you just meet a friend of him who looked elegant, and so seductive that you felt your jeans slipping down automatically? Just keep your mouth shut, especially if you haven’t praised your partner for the same attribute earlier.

2. Admit the Fact that You Can’t Do It

Men are extremely competitive when it comes to accepting a challenge that comes to earning money or accepting a new task. If your man is trying to create something new, don’t taunt him! Trust me! He is going to feel miserable. He may hate you harder for it!

3. Do It Like My Ex

The word “you” and “ex” are forbidden to use at the same time, in a relationship. Man hates comparisons with exes. Don’t ever leak out the bed secrets about your past lovers. You will turn him to an insecure boyfriend in bed. And you know how sad it is to feel insecure.

4. Can I be Friends with Him?

Now, this is something really annoying! Unless your partner has a celebrity friend, never ask him to introduce you to any of his guy friends. If you look too excited and pleased to meet his fellow friend in front of him, he would certainly walk away from your life.

5. What’s Wrong with You? Stupid!

Don’t ever let him down in front of his friends and family members. Guys can’t take yelling in front of others. Trust me a guy tries hard to keep his picture in front of his friends and family. And if you happen to discredit him, you will surely be in the danger zone.

6. He was Better

The worst blow out that any girl can ever do to her guy! If you tell him he is not as good as your ex, he will surely put an end to your relationship. He is never going to take back in your life. He is going to mark your words always!

7. I will do It… Myself

Guys love to do favours for girls. Be it a little or big favour, they love to pamper you with all that they can do for you. Try to stop him from what he is doing. You will experience the ugly consequence! Don’t make him feel helpless.

8. How Immature You are

This particular statement can change his thoughtful mood to flashy red eyes. And trust me this is not good for you at all. He will hate your nanny nature, for treating him like a small kid.  There are chances he may find someone better than you, to shower all his love.

9. You are Insecure

“I am sexy, and I know it”! Yes! We know you are sexy and hot. Guys do fall for you, now and then. But your man likes to hear it all from you, again and again. You will make him feel weak and helpless. And if you ever happen to hold this in the middle of a hot conservation, he is going to bang his head, for sure!

10. Listen, We Need to Talk

Sorting out your problems is a good sign in a relationship but if you use “We need to talk”, you may scare your man. He may think that you are doing this to count something serious on him. He may try to run away from you. Instead of using this, you can always start a conversation with an ease.

Girls, next time you spend some “alone time” with your man, do not use these ten strictly prohibited sentences, unless you are planning to switch over at something better!

SOURCE: feminiya.com