Guys are often not very clear about what they want or do not want from their girlfriends. However, there are always some basic ground rules in a relationship. These are deal breakers for guys in a relationship. If a girl displays any of the following 10 attributes, a guy is most likely to dump her. Deal breakers in relationship are important because there should be a line beyond which you should not go

Guys have a surprisingly high tolerance level compared to girls. Women have lots of deal breakers in relationships. The number of deal breakers for guys are much lesser compared to girls. But if you tap him on his raw vein, your guy will dump you. Men hate certain aspects of women’s behaviour but they learn to live with it.

However, they cannot accept certain basic aspects like cheating or lying. If you don’t know why guys dump you all the time, you should really find out what are the deal breakers for guys while you two are dating. May be you display one or more of these characteristics.

She Treats You Like A Driver Cum Bodyguard Some girls opt to have boyfriends only so that there is someone to drive them around to parties and pick up fights for them. Men simply cannot stand these kind of girls.

She Yells At You In Public Men hate women who make scenes. They cannot stand women who howl and cry so that they can prove themselves to be the victim.

She Abuses You Just like it is unacceptable for a man to abuse a woman, it is totally wrong for a woman to abuse a man. If she does not respect you, then she is not worth it bro.

She Is Cold In Bed Have you ever made love to a woman who doesn’t respond at all? It is the most humiliating experience for a man. If she is cold in bed, then it’s not your fault. You should just dump her.

She Nags You To Death Men can tolerate everything but not nagging. These nagging is even a valid ground for divorce. That is why; if your girlfriend nags you, your relationship will be shortlived.

She Constantly Criticises You Behind every successful man, there is a woman. Your girlfriend should be your biggest critic but she should inspire you. Petty fault finding does not classify as inspiration.

She Never Stands Up For You She never stands up for you when you are having a disagreement with friends. She allows her parents to look down upon you and berates you for being such a limp! Time to bid goodbye to your girlfriend from hell

She Is Too Clingy She clings to you like a leech and suffocates the air out of you. She makes a face if you go out with your guys friends and keeps calling you every half an hour to make sure you have not drunk too much.

She Lies Women tell small lies all the time. But men do not understand the difference between small and big lies. For them, a lie is a lie. And small lies often add up to big ones. If you lose a man’s trust, you have lost him.

She Cheats A woman might take her cheating partner back and forgive him. But men rarely forgive their girlfriends for cheating. They cannot take infidelity and cheating is an absolute ‘no’ for men.