He screwed up a project at work, and his boss yelled at him. His team lost. He heard that Daniel Powter song “Bad Day” and can’t get it out of his head. Whatever the cause, sometimes your guy has rough days, and as his loving girlfriend, you want to do something to make him feel better.

But what does he really want? We guessed it probably wasn’t a flower delivery to his office, but rather than speculate, we went straight to the source. Here are what some real guys answered when we asked:

What’s the thing you wish your girlfriend/wife/partner would do for you when you’re having a bad day?

“To give me suprise impromptu lovin’!” —Ryan

“A tight hug. Tell me we’re a team and that I can count on her to be there.” —Bryan

“She could cook some dinner for me and take me out to the movie of my choice.” —Brandon

“Leave me alone.” —Clint (Ed. note: This one was actually from an ex-boyfriend, so I’m unclear on whether he was answering the question or telling me to bugger off?)

“Anything spontaneous (i.e., not of the normal family routine).” —Ted

“Allow me to vent, give some constructive input/solutions where possible, and if I’m irrational, tell me to man up and stop whining after some due venting is done.” —Remco) (and also, awwwwww)

“Nothing better than coming home to a great meal and some homemade adult beverages. It turned my frown upside-down last night!” —Scott

“Have sex. Make food. Back rub. Buy a video game. Organize a fun date. TV binge.” —Bill

“When I’m stressed, a head massage always helps.” —Oliver

Source: www.glamour.com