Your 20s are some of the most interesting years of your life. You’re just out from college, you’ve gotten a decent job and you’ve finally begun earning. That’s enough of a reason to stop worrying and start enjoying life. It is also a time where most 20’s something youth begin to explore their need to experiment and indulge. Whether its food, alcohol or just life in general, there is no stopping them now!

However, these are the same deeds done in these wonder years that often come to haunt us in the future. Reckless behaviour always has its consequences, neglecting your health in your 20’s will surely leave behind its repercussions. If you’re still unaware or ignorant about your health, watch out for these common health mistakes you might be making in your 20’s.

You drink excessively

Party and booze filled weekends has become a trend in most cities. Drinking is no longer a fad, it’s a hobby. This is how one gets hooked to binge drinking. You may think that such binge drinking can only leave behind a nasty hangover but the truth is that such a regular drinking spree will start deteriorating your liver. Excessive drinking will also affect your skin and speed up its ageing process.

You’re a social smoker

You may not consider yourself a smoker because you tend to light up a cigarette only once in a while when you’re out with friends. Such behaviour is called social smoking and is pretty common. But it is essential to realize that nicotine does not take long to reach the brain. Even your occasional cigarettes are enough to affect your nervous system.

Caffeine addiction

We all need our daily cup of tea or coffee and there’s no real health hazard related to this as long as you watch your intake. But sometimes long working hours and drowsy days often compel us to use caffeine as a medium to keep us up and going. Such addiction to coffee can over stimulate the adrenal glands in such a way that they tricked into being over alert all the time. This tends to make one nervy or edgy. Excessive caffeine can also affect ones heart rate and sleeping pattern.

Practicing unsafe sex

Sexual experimentation and multiple sex partners is also a common thing in your 20’s.  There’s no real health hazard linked to it unless you practice unsafe sex. Unsafe sex can lead to STD’s like chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhoea or even HIV.  Taking responsible steps now will ensure vital sexual health in the future.

Dealing with stress the wrong way

There’s no such thing as life without stress. You are bound to get stressed and anxious but you need to learn how to deal with it the right way. Learn a few coping mechanisms to manage stress. Living and bottling up stress can affect your physical and mental health. Heart disease, high blood pressure and weak immune system are all results of stress. Once you give way to these diseases they will continue to linger on for a very long time.

Not getting enough sleep

Sleep not only refreshes your mind it also relaxes your body. Compromising your sleep in your 20’s will affect your overall health. Sleep deprivation is linked to heart disease, obesity and insomnia too. This can also affect your skin health and speed up the onset of

Ignoring your health at work

There are several health mistakes you do at work too. Not adjusting your seat well, using a screen that is at an odd position or even using a desk set-up that causes your neck and spine to twist will affect your body severely. Getting used to such wrong set-up is not the solution, it only means your body is adapting to a wrong habit. Such minor pains often get dragged on to get worse as you get older. Treating such pains as you get older is much more difficult then.

You avoid going to the doctor

When was the last time you went to a doctor?  We’re all guilty of delaying and letting ailments heal on their own instead of seeing a doctor. Think about it, what if that growing lump is cancerous? Or what if that cough that’s been around for months is actually whooping cough? You can never underestimate an illness. Take your health seriously and don’t hesitate to see your doctor regularly.

Taking skin health for granted

You may not need to fear wrinkles in your 20’s but that’s no reason to ignore skin health. How well you treat your skin in your 20’s will directly influence its health in the years to come. Negligence will speed up the ageing process and you may begin to notice fine lines and wrinkles in your early 30’s itself. So give your skin the right attention. Remember the three vitals of skincare-cleansing, toning and moisturising.