Kids and parents – a relationship which can be fantastic and fun one minute only to resemble a WWE cage match the next. For kids, life can seem tough and unfair. Punishments dished out by your parents can seem harsh and convince you that this is what it must be like to live in a dictatorship. For parents, you’ve lived on both sides of the fence now and understand all the tricks and tactics kids try – often thinking they are the first to ever devise a particular scheme or story. It can often turn into a bit of a chess match with one group trying to outmaneuver the other. In the end, parents usually win because they are, well, the parents. This can often mean some sort of punishment for the young offender.
While some parents try to talk things out and negotiate with their kids, many adults prescribe to the school of ‘actions speak louder than words.’ These parents believe that the only way to stop a bad or unwanted behaviour is to lay down the law and dish out a sentence like they were the warden of Shawshank prison. From being sent to your room for the rest of the night or sent to bed without dessert to being banned from having friends over after school, many of us faced such punishments growing up. For the most part, at the time they may have seemed rather unfair but looking back (especially if you are a parent now) it all might just make better sense to you.
There are times, however, where the punishment dished out by a parent can be a little over the top. Certain punishments which were acceptable 20 or 30 years ago can be considered inappropriate today. Other punishments which humiliate the child, either in public or online, can often be seen as crossing the line. Punishments which could or do cause psychological harm may seem like a good idea to some parents in the heat of the moment, but are later shown to be totally inappropriate. Yes, it can be very challenging to be a parent but like the penal system, it’s all about fashioning a punishment that fits the crime.
The following video looks at 10 of the worst punishments handed down by parents. Naturally, what makes a punishment ‘the worst’ is very subjective so we’ve gone for a blend. Ahead you’ll find some brutal physical punishments, as is to be expected. You’ll also find, however, some rather nasty and harsh punishments which focus on embarrassment or psychological punishment. While spanking and the use of the belt are definitely bad punishments, the rise of social media provides another avenue for parents who really want to take it to their kids in a traumatic way. No, there are no groundings or revoking of tv privileges here. We guarantee that some of these punishments dealt out by angry and disappointed parents make a week (or even month) of no tv sound pretty good.