1. Your Smile and Your Voice. A lady’s mouth is often the very first part of a woman a guy will see. Not only are great lips and teeth sexy, but guys will look to your mouth for social cues, as it’s the most expressive feature you possess. A warm, inviting smile might communicate and your through your talking, a guy will certainly be aware of the sound of your voice. Especially if that voice is exceptionally sexy, or unusually obnoxious. Your voice can instantly change a person’s perception about you, for better or for worse.

2. Your Laugh . If a guy has any game, he’ll immediately try to convert a smile into a laugh. A lovely lady’s laugh is one of the most beautiful sounds a single guy can hear, as he’ll be psyched to know that his charms are working. The laugh itself will help him decide if he’d like to ask the girl out: a sweet, intoxicating giggle might be music to his ears, while a deep, raspy chortle might remind him too much of his uncle Morty to proceed.

3. Your Eyes. Though a less tactful fella might get caught sneaking a peek at other assets, your eyes are what a guy should be looking at during conversation. But any experienced guy will want to look into your eyes for more than just their lovely aesthetic properties. They say “eyes are the window to the soul,” and as cliché as it most definitely sounds, it’s kinda true. A lot of information can be conveyed and received via eye contact, and any guy trying to get to know you will look to yours as a means of flirting and reading signals.

4. Your Bo0bs And Body Type. Your breasts will be noticed by any guy who meets you for the first time. Men are simply biologically programmed to seek them out. Whether you choose to present your bo0bs proudly like trophies or secure them conservatively to preserve some element of mystery is entirely up to you but you must know that guys are looking. And evaluating. And talking about your body type, It’s not something anyone likes to admit, but your build is as much a part of you as any other physical characteristics. If he’s hitting on you, he’s interested in yours.

5. Your Butt. In yet another unfortunate (but inevitable) case of objectification, when you leave, that guy will likely (hopefully at least discreetly) also grab a glimpse of your booty. Most gentlemen either fall more squarely in the “breast” or “butt” camp, claiming connoisseurship of one body part over the other. But identifying a guy who notices neither would be like discovering and proving the existence of the Loch Ness Monster.

6. Your Confidence. Most important of all to a guy meeting you for the first time is the energy that you exude. There is absolutely nothing (and I mean nothing) that a guy finds more attractive than confidence. If you can carry yourself assertively and possess a strong sense of self, a guy will take notice immediately, no matter what your other characteristics are. Now that’s universally sexy.

Source: By Ethan Fixell From Cosmopolitan.com