Let me ask you gentlemen this one question, “what do women really want from a man?” Is it love or a roof over their head, or is it the green notes? Today, 90 per cent of the women want ‘money’ and they will go to an extent of marrying that man only for his wallet. Relationship experts state that women who are after money in a relationship will not last long in the union they want.

Going after materialistic things in a relationship will not bring happiness to both the partners, neither there will be any speck of love shared between the partners. So, why do women want to marry a rich man? Isn’t this a question most men want answers to? If you have the money bags and want a woman to complete your life, here is your chance why you might be at luck of winning that special girl’s heart.

So, gentlemen, waste no more time. Take a look at these shocking reasons as to why women want to marry a rich man. These true facts might open your eyes to a whole new world, and it might be scary to see the new form of love:

Social Status: Due to a social status, women want to marry a man who has those big bucks. For most women, having a high social status is very important rather than happiness.

Security: Money makes a woman secured in her life. When she has the big bucks in her hand, she knows that her life is secured for the future.

To Get That Extra Time: Rich people seem to have more time on their hands when compared to middle class people. Women want a man who will be with them constantly, and it is a rich man who can give her all the time that she needs.

The Need For A Better Future: When women marry, they see their future and the prospects of their offspring. So, when a woman marries into a rich family, her children will reap the profits and so will she.

A Bitter Past: Women who get into a relationship with a middle class man or from a lower economy suffer a lot, which makes them think wise and clever to marry a rich man instead.

He Must Be Intelligent: Not only does money attract a woman, it is also the intelligence of a man that grabs her attention. Therefore, if he is a man with intelligence and big bucks, he is a big catch.

To Live In Luxury: To live a life filled with luxury and no pain at all, is the life that most women crave for. Hence, they prefer to fall in love with and marry a rich man.