1. Have you ever felt a strange kind of odour emitting from your girlfriend or boyfriend’s body when you are in his arms? Did you feel a kind of high or some kind of joy when you sense that smell? Well, your nose was busy analyzing that person at that time.

2. We all secrete certain chemicals called as pheromones. In men, they are known as androsterones. They send mating signals to the opposite sex. Yes, even your body is busy sending such signals when you are near your partner.

3. If you are repelled by the other person’s presence then the chemicals have warned you or sent a signal not to be with that person.

4. Generally, such chemicals are released along with sweat. That is the reason why sensing them could be easier when you are closer to the sweat spots of that person.

5. Armpits, chest and the areas behind the ears are main places where you can sense pheromones of your partner.

6. But wait, you can’t smell these chemicals. You can just feel them. Though your nose detects them, certain other bodily processes can analyse the chemicals to find out whether it is sweat or pheromones.

7. When the process is over, your brain gets a signal that causes emotions. That is why you feel good when you are closer to a man or a woman who secretes the chemicals.

8. A lot of research has to go into what these chemical compounds are. Most of us associate these chemicals only with mating instincts though they may have lots of other roles to play.

9. Sometimes, when you are unable to explain why you are physically drawn to a person just by getting close to him or her, it could be due to pheromones or androsterones.