Have you ever apologized for your “role” in his behavior? This is master manipulation at its finest.

Not only has he behaved poorly, but he has found a way to manipulate you into believing that his behavior is, was, and will continue to be your fault.

The guy who dishonest.

When you ask him a question about his intentions, does he stutter? Does he talk around the question? It takes approximately zero seconds to communicate the truth.

It takes a little longer than that to come up with a passable lie or excuse. Interpret stuttering and dancing around questions for what they reveal: The very real probability that you are not getting the whole story.

The guy who is passive aggressive.

I came home from work one day to the electric turned off in my apartment. I had absolutely no idea what was wrong or why this happened.

When “he” showed up an hour later, he laughed and walked over to the circuit breaker to turn the lights back on. Because he was angry with me, he used the circuit-breaker to shut off the lights before he left, knowing intuitively that the circuit breaker wouldn’t be my first stop.

Might this be construed as funny? Perhaps to those who do not see it as the warning-sign it is.

Rather than maturely addressing whatever issue he was having, he decided to passive aggressively control my surroundings when he was not around, in my own home.

Demand better for yourself, even if doing so has to take the form of a permanent departure from the relationship.

Before you met this type of person, you were doing quite well. You were happy. Upon meeting someone, who exhibits the above manipulative tendencies, you soon see how quickly life goes from serene and enjoyable to dramatic and erratic.

If a relationship seems endlessly dramatic, interpret this as the warning sign that it is: This person uses drama to manipulate your emotional well-being, which is abusive.