You, younger-self, would be wise to think about (and avoid) the following toxic guys:

The guy who makes you think he has many options.

He nonsensically reminds you of the hordes of women who are attracted to him to make you believe it is your job to please him and make him happy at all times, lest he finds someone new.

He doesn’t want you; not only does he want a mirror, but he also wants a woman who is sure to chase her tail in circles trying to please him at all costs, no matter how high. Stay away.

The guy who wants to control your emotions.

If he says he’s going to call you at 7 pm on a Tuesday, but he does not do so until 10 pm the following day (or later), he is likely doing it on purpose.

He wants you to be thinking about all of the possible reasons why he’s not contacting you when he said he would. He wants you kept on a short leash, and in his mind, this is one way to do it.

The guy who inconsistently keeps his word.

Though he doesn’t always come through, he goes far beyond the guy who is “just not that in to you.” But, he does so for the wrong reasons.

He’s into you because he needs to feel in control, and you are precisely the person who will fulfill that need if you do not run.

Or maybe he is, quite simply, someone who does not feel as though keeping his word is something he needs to do. Whatever the case, it is not your job to figure it out. Run for the hills.

The guy who “seems” interested in the future.

The guy who appears really interested in marriage and children within the first month of knowing you is not interested in marriage and children.

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