Difference between a Boy’s and a Girl’s Friendship Style

Male’s friendship is side-by-side while female’s friendship is face-to-face. Girl’s friendships are closer, but boy’s friendships are more stable.

1. A Sweet Birthday/Anniversary Message

Best wishes from your friends on the special day make the day more special.

Girls-They tend to remember anniversaries and birthdays of their friends.

Boys-Boys, generally, remain at the back in this matter. So, boys! Accept the fact and work towards it!

2. Quality Time with Friends

Communication is the key to keep the friends for a longer period.

Girls-A female keeps all strings attached with all the friends she has made in school, college, or workplace.

Boys-Males remain so indulge in their professional lives that they get no or very less time to contact and talk with their friends. But, whenever they get enough time, they always love to enjoy with friends.

3. Social

Girls-Due to their talkative nature, they can converse with anybody easily and mingle up with all the groups. This characteristic feature makes them friendlier to whom they meet.

Boys-Boys take some time to mix-up with the group. But, once mingle-up they tend to be a lifelong friend. In comparison to female-female friendship, male-male friendship lasts for longer.

4. Good Listeners

Girls-A girl always listens to your problems with patience and direct you the right way.

Boys-A boy is not as good listener as a girl, but, he is a good problem solver. The mind of a male friend kept on working out for a solution while you are sharing your problem with him. Due to this, his attention gets deviated and he doesn’t listens to you properly.

5. Empathy

Girls-Girls are understanding and empathetic. They have insightful approach towards things and this makes them better friends.

Boys-On the flip side, boys consider emotional bonds mind-numbing. But, they are emotionally intelligent and know how to help out a friend in stressful situations. In fact, they are silent companion.

6. Share Your Feelings and Frustrations

Girls-Girls are more receptive and keep your secrets. You can discuss serious issues comfortably with them.

Boys-Guys can’t keep a secret for a long time. Guys! Are you agreeing? If I’m not wrong, most of you share your secrets and sensitive matters with your female pals?

7. Emotional Support

Girl-In any set back, a girl always remain with you.

Boys-No doubt, male friend may also be there. But the emotional support which you get from a female friend can’t be expected from a male friend. But, it’s in no way means that boys are not good friends.

8. Accept the Mistakes

Girls-Girls never feel disgraced in apologizing for their mistakes.

Boys-Boys are very rigid and egoistic. They never accept their mistakes. There is no “sorry” word in their dictionary. Sometimes, this behavior affects their friendship.

9. Competition

Girls-Girls always feel a competition with their friends. It has been also observed that the feeling of jealousy among female-female friendship is more than male-male friendship. Girls! You score low in this matter.

Boys-Full marks to boys! There is no feeling of competition among them.

My Take:

Rather than walking alone in the light, it’s good to walk in dark with a true friend- no matter a male friend or a female one!