Vomiting: Whether it’s because of the actual sound or the mental image that the sound conjures up, this is considered to be one of the worst sounds in the world.

Microphone Feedback: Have you ever been at an event and heard the microphone let out a loud screech over the speakers? This sound is actually physically painful, which is why it is not surprising that it is listed among the worst sounds in the world.

Baby Crying: While men and women get disturbed by the sound of a baby crying, men tend to complain about it more, since women are genetically wired to deal with it better.

Screeching Train: This sound bothers millions of people around the world who happen to live near train tracks. The screech of metal scraping against metal instantly sets your teeth on edge.

Squeaking Parts: Any moving part that squeaks and needs lubrication, like a wheel, a door hinge, or even a see-saw, can be irritating enough to make you cringe.

Badly Played Violin: A violin can sound beautiful when it is played well, but when it is played badly the shrill scrapes can make your hackles rise.

Farting: It’s not surprising that farting made this list. It was found that women found the sound of farting more offensive than men did.

People Arguing: The sound of people arguing bothers us on a fundamental level, upsetting our ability to think and function. 

Speaker Hum : The annoying humming sound that speakers sometimes make has also been classified among the worst sounds in the world. Unlike some of the other sounds on this list, it is a low pitched sound, falling between 50 and 60 hertz.

Nails Scraping Against a Chalkboard : It’s not surprising that this sound made the list; what is surprising is that it ranked so low! However, since a lot of schools now use markers and whiteboards instead of the traditional chalkboards, this sound is probably (and fortunately) a thing of the past.

Dental Drill : The high-pitched whine of the dental drill can set anyone’s teeth on edge, making it one of the reasons why people avoid going to the dentist.

Knife Against a Glass Bottle : This is a high-pitched sound that falls between 2,000 to 5,000 hertz, and MRI scans showed that people found it to be unbearably excruciating.

Squealing Brakes: The sounds of squealing bicycle, car and bus brakes can make you want to grind your teeth together, since it is another metal-on-metal sound that is shrill and high-pitched.

Sniffing: Have you ever sat next to someone who has a cold and been utterly disgusted by the sniffing sounds they make? This is not an uncommon reaction, since a lot of people have reported that it annoys them.