10. “Wanna go to the gym tonight?”

Always say yes… only about 73% of the time will you actually make it to the gym but being encouraging in supportive of the grind is almost as good and respectable as actually being on the grind.

11. “I think I’m still drunk.”

Ahh, the morning after texts to the roomie about being in class and still “v turnt”. That’s just sad, if your roommate doesn’t laugh hysterically at you and tell you “you’re doing great!” then she doesn’t love you.


12. “We should get, like, real food tonight for dinner.”

Between you, me, and President Crowe, the dining hall food is just not real. Yes, I will continue to eat it but I refuse to believe it’s real, sorry. So I declare tonight we get a “REAL DINNER”… are you thinking Cane’s or In-n-Out?

13. “I miss you.”

You know you’ve got a winner when you go almost a full busy 9 hour day without seeing each other and you miss her face. Nothing like the bond between two freshman roomies, am I right?


H/T :  Theodysseyonline