7. “*insert funny tweet screenshot about sigma apple pie*”

When you are the only one of the two of you in a sorority you find that it is so much funnier receiving these kind of memes from your roommate who gets some sort of pleasure out of how funny you find these tweets… still not sure if they are actually that funny.


8. “Guess who I just walked by!!!”

I can only think of this text ending in two ways… either “that b***h” or “that guy you’re like in love with”. Either way, let me know where you are, I’ll make a detour back to the dorm, see ya in a few.

9. “Dude I just failed that.”

Something about letting everyone you know how badly you just did on your exam makes you feel better or something.. it’s almost like if you say it enough you’ll be less surprised and upset when you get it back and realize that you actually did fail it.