4. “Are you down to go out tonight?”

This text is usually responded to with, “but its Tuesday..”. Like I mentioned earlier, I am the less responsible of the two of us so you can relate to the fact that you can only skip so many Tequila Tuesday’s before you start to really suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out).

5. “Dude where are you?”

Forget your calculator again? Hoping your in close proximity to not only your roomie but also Qdoba? Yep, we should honestly just get the “find my friends” app because I can’t recall a single time where I didn’t wonder/need to know where my roommate was.


6. “Dhall in 15?”

A girls gotta eat… and aren’t we all ballin’ on a budget? If you already ate, I guest swipe you in I refuse to eat alone for the fifth time this week…