Here is Texts You Send To Your Roommate On A Daily Basis

1. “Hey are you up?”

Whether you had an 8 am class and want to get breakfast or are just coming home at 2 am and forgot your keys… this is valuable information to have at all times considering you are the less responsible and usually hungrier of the two of you.

2. “What time does your last class end today?”

In your defense, it is a new semester so your class schedules did change… but you asked this on Monday and it’s now Wednesday, you should know by now that the classes go by M/W/F and T/TH.

3. “OMG guess what”

This is usually followed up by two to three more texts regarding some hot guy one of you hooked up with this weekend or a really awkward dining hall encounter that happens pretty much every other day… yet still is “OMG guess what”-worthy news.