There are many ways to tell someone loves you, but gifts is a big one. Plenty of #people think material goods will make up for not saying “I love you.” Although gifts don’t mean #everything, they do account for something. #Men tend to buy women expensive jewelry or items they want to show that they’re thinking about you, and they care. These acts of kindness show that your #man loves you.


The little #things always add up. If your #man holds the door for you, pulls out your chair at a restaurant, opens your car door for you, or performs other small acts of kindness similar to these, he’s showing he cares. Even if he simply takes your hand while you’re crossing the street, he’s trying to get to you. Being affectionate with someone is definitely a huge sign of love.


Doing the same #things constantly can become a drag after a while. The same routine may be comforting, but it will eventually get old. Sometimes, a #little bit of adventure is all you need to ignite the flame. A way to show you he loves you is by being spontaneous. Planning trips without your knowledge or showing up to your job with flowers and your favorite candy is definitely done out of love. If he goes out of his way for you, consider yourself a big deal! (Ha ha!)


When your #man has trust in you, he loves you. By trusting you, he’s saying no matter what happens, he has confidence in you and the assurance that you wont do anything against him. Trust is something you do without #words. He doesn’t need to tell you he loves you, but by trusting you, you should be aware that that means something big.


Some #men are writers, and others barely write at all, but one way to tell he loves you is through letters. Having him let all his thoughts spill onto a paper doesn’t compare to any other gift he could give you. Saying “I love you” isn’t as easy as everyone makes it out to be. Indirectly saying it in a letter is one of the #best ways a man can get to a woman’s heart.


Compliments and positive affirmations are all said out of love. If someone didn’t care, they wouldn’t go out of their way to send compliments your way! Compliments can definitely be responsible for making you feel stronger about a #guy. #Women tend to struggle with insecurities, and having someone tell you positive things can be a total confidence booster. Guys don’t always just throw certain compliments out there. You’ll know which ones mean something.

Although there are many other ways you can tell someone loves you without saying it, these are 7 common ones that many #people don’t think have much importance. With love, the little #things mean a lot. Do you think true love always needs to be stated? What are some ways you can tell someone loves you?