I still believe this is possible.
Some ladies exist that could do this. Yes! I don’t know if they’re on earth,  but I know they’re alive somewhere.
You can call them Love Doctors. They are the ones R.Kelly was referring to when he sang that song titled, “WHEN A WOMAN LOVES”

Guys, if you find such ones, you’ll be walking on the streets smiling. People will be like, Is this man mad? Yes! You’re madly in love with your wife.

Follow me as I highlight Seven Sweet Extras A Wife Does For Her Husband

NOTE: This is not applicable to all males/ females.

1. Cutting his toenails.

She notices your toenails growing so long and you know, some men don’t care about “little things” like that. She does it for him. At that moment, she is in charge of his heart! She is 50% sure of getting whatever she wants. DON’T MAKE THAT YOUR AIM.

2. Jumping and Playing on his back

Stop being an adult all of a sudden! Play and leap on his back.
One of many things a man loves but much familiarity and ‘over maturity’ won’t let him know how to even spew it out of his mouth is this.
She better not be robust, lol…Even if she’s robust, the man can still manage it…

3. Feeding him

This is especially when he is not too strong… Even when he is sound, doing it brings flavour to your relationship and give him the butterfly feeling. No matter how “ajekpako” he is, he loves it. He loves the feeling. Give it to him. Put the garri in his mouth. That’s how to take a man’s heart. Not by dragging rights!

4. Helping him knot his tye

This may look foreign, but No! It is not meant for the first five months of your marriage only. Some ladies came to me to teach them how to knot a tie- they want to be doing this for their husband.
It’s fun and it shows love!

5. Massaging his laps and legs

Sometimes, your man returns from early morning road work or even from work. You see him complaining of how his laps are so heavy. Give him a massage. Massage his laps, legs and toes, if possible.

6. Constantly Packaging
Food in his food flask to work.

My friend’s aunty does this. He packs for the children and the husband too. The husband so much talk about her in the office, other men get intimidated and employed the scheme, lol! This man loves his wife! They are not soooo wealthy…She works o. The man comes from work every day to get a glass of juice first, then bathroom and food…TV and bed. The man too will perform well on bed by force na…

7. Welcoming him with a peck from work as she takes his suit.

If it is good for the goose then it is good for the gander. It is not just a “White People” thing. It is a practice that could change your husband’s treatment of you.

He loves you whether you do these things or not BUT when you train yourself to do them, he will not only love you, He will LIKE you.

LIKING someone is admiring the person.
He may love you just for peace to reign and the law demands it.
But for him to really really really LIKE you, you have to somehow go out of your way to do some LITTLE EXTRAs to HELPing him better.

DON’T SAY YOU CAN’T TRY THIS FOR A NIGERIAN MAN. It is a lie! Love has no language. It is the language you give it that it assumes. Love is universal. If it works for that white lady, it will work for you because we are the same.

Have a nice day. undecided

By emusmith