As ridiculous as it may sound, there are actually worse things in life than death. If you’ve ever gone through a break up before, you’d agree that the experience thereafter is always hellish especially if you’ve invested lots of emotion, time, effort and resources in the relationship.

It becomes even more excruciating if what you get in return for your investment is heartbreak. So, as usual, opinions were sampled from Nigerians to bare their minds on who ends up the most hurt after a break up. Roll with me.

Folake (Interior designer) Female

Break ups to be candid, aren’t always easy for both parties to deal with especially if both were committed to it. I am tempted to say the woman because we are very emotional in nature. You know, we cry more, think more and end up really depressed after the relationship ends.

John (Banker) Male

Well, even a day year old child knows that it is the woman. Men initially will feel bad, but they quickly get over it like nothing ever happened. I mean, you don’t expect us to be lying down on the couch like we are suffering from terminal illness, do you?

Mabel (Accountant) Female

Hmmm… I would say the man. The man because getting a special lady isn’t quite an easy task. Unlike men, women get wooed virtually on a daily basis. She can easily and quickly get someone else if not better and forget about the ex. That way, another man makes her get over the previous relationship.

Femi (Microbiologist) Male

The emotional nature of women means that it takes longer for them to heal than men. It’s almost impossible for men to lie down like a log of wood moaning over a break up. It will be a dent to our ego. Obviously, women suffer more.

Ann (lawyer) Female

The bond between a man and a woman in a relationship determine how bad or how worse both suffer in the aftermath of a break up. If both were truly emotionally involved and committed, then the healing would take longer for both. The only reason why woman would be affected most is the emotional and fragile nature of their hearts.

Chuks (Mechanical Engineer) Male

It sure must be the woman. Except the man was the one doing the Mr lover man thing, it’s quite rare to see men being the more heartbroken.

Rossana (Customer care agent) Female

You’d be surprised that some men are quite emotional too and they get badly hit by a break up. In most cases, who does the trying-to-come-back thing? The man. So, I don’t want to totally conclude that ladies are the ones that only get badly hit. Men are fragile and soft like a baby too.

Lawrence (Architect) Male

Heartbreaks aren’t always easy for anyone to deal with including the man. Psychologically, one is really disturbed either the man or woman. But it must be stated clearly that men have stronger hearts to deal with a break up than women.


There you have the different opinions from our respondents. However, I must quickly say that usually, heartbreaks from break ups can affect either both parties or one of the two. Love is so strong that even the strong hearted can severely be broken hearted. That’s why after a break up you could see a man folding in bed like he has just been shot with a rifle.

So, folks, if you have a different opinion, feel free to drop your comments.

– by Kalejaye Abayomi

[Sources: news, Kalejaye Abayomi]