In order to have any type of relationship success you may have to make some personal alterations. If the desired result of your relationship is to feel loved, and experience peace, you’ll first have to follow a few easy guidelines:

1. Listen. We must open our ears and shut our mouth in order to receive the information our partner is sharing. Listening is the most underutilized tool we have in relationships today. We miss so much whenever we aren’t willing to listen first.

2. Forgive. Humans make mistakes. If you married one (a human), you’ll experience this. The greatest gift we can give to ourselves is the power that comes with forgiveness.

3. Be honest about your needs first, wants second. Needs are important and you have to share them with your partner. If he/she doesn’t know, they won’t be successful in loving you properly. Be sure to be clear on what your specific needs are for feeling loved.

4. Let it go. Don’t sweat the small ish, dwell in unhappy places, harbor resentment or hold on to anger for too long. Seek solutions, apologize, accept your spouses apology and move on.

5. Be affectionate, gentle, and loving. Treat your partner how you prefer to be treated. Be tender when it comes to his/her heart. Speak to them with respect and demonstrate your love as often as possible.

6. Be spontaneous. Enjoy your relationship by being open to trying new things with your mate. Sometimes it’s okay to go with the flow and enjoy your mate on the fly.

7. Practice patience. Don’t fly off the handle when your partner doesn’t understand or get something the first times. Share with him/her why certain things are important to you and provide them the opportunity to get there. Yelling and snapping off can drive your relationship to ruin if it happens too often.

Love can be complicated, frustrating and tiresome. However, it can also be painless, encouraging and exciting when we adhere to the tips listed above. Love should feel good. Ultimately, we have control over whether or not we’re successful in it.

Source: blackandmarriedwithkids