Style Inspired By Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian,You get a bit older, but look a lot younger. Kim Kardashian isn’t simply someone who is “famous for being famous.” She started out in Hollywood as stylist and personal shopper to movie stars. With her understanding of fashion, she now has her own casual clothing, shoe and accessory lines on sale at Sears. Unlike many celebrities who start their own fashion lines and contribute nothing but their names to them, Kim actually brings her design talent to bear on the fashion that carries her name. If you’re looking for great fashion ideas, then, Kim Kardashian can be a great source. Just look at her Instagram account! She doesn’t have millions of followers for no reason. We can always dream to have as many followers as Kim does or we could potentially make it a reality through sites like You never know if you don’t try and the same can be said for Kim when it comes to trying out new looks. You just have to go for it, or else you’ll never know where this could take you. Here are some of her best casual looks.

1. The trench coat look


Kim Kardashian knows how to rock a trench coat. The way she sees it, a trench coat is a great way to look cool, even if it covers your real outfit. You can wear it over a warmer jacket inside and leave it open, wear it over a party dress or drape it over your shoulders. Trench coats can instantly make you look stylish.

2. Black blazer


Like a trench coat, a black blazer goes with plenty of informal styles. Kim Kardashian is known to wear her black blazers with short, ruffled skirts, long, black skirts and even leather pants. I’m guilty of stealing this look from Kim. Honestly, I really love this look that is perfect for office and party alike.

3. High-waist pants


Kim believes that pants that go right up your waist make you look good, no matter what your figure or what the rest of your outfit is like. If you pick the right design, you can make it do whatever you want – accentuate your curves, make your legs seem longer and so on. It doesn’t matter that high-waist pants have been around since the early 80s – the style still works.

4. Wide belts


Kim loves wide belts and wears them with all kinds of outfits. She believes that belts emphasize the waist. The key to wearing a wide belt is to know the exact style to pick. If you have a short waist, wearing a belt that matches your top is a good idea. With a thin waist, a belt that contrasts with your top can make you look great.

5. Leggings


Designers make leggings in a marvelous variety of textures and fabrics. Most of them are comfortable for everyday wear. Kim’s advice is to make sure that your leggings are the right fit. They need to be reasonably snug, without being tight. It’s important to not let them turn into pants, too. Leggings can go great with a skirt, shorts and practically any kind of top.

6. High fashion with very tall heels


Kim loves extremely tall heels. Who doesn’t love them? She feels that they make her look thinner and her legs look longer. Unlike many people, though, Kim doesn’t feel that high heels are bad for her health. She believes that they help to strengthen her legs.

7. Cool jumpsuits


Kim wears jumpsuits all the time. Ones with plunging necklines are a particular favorite with her. With her ample bust, jumpsuits aren’t always easy for her to fit into. She knows how to make them work, though. This is a street style look that I’m thinking of borrowing from Kim Kardashian.

8. Ankle-strap heels


Along with Rihanna, Kim is a huge fan of classic ankle-strap high heels. While she’s been known to wear them with every kind of outfit, she particularly favors them with skirts and jumpsuits. Ankle-strap heels are a bit more comfortable than ordinary heels, but it all depends on your comfort level.

9. Fun, flowing skirts


Bright, flowing, ankle-length maxi skirts are a Kim Kardashian trademark. She usually completes her outfit with a tank top, strappy heels and a belt. Many famous women love to wear flowing skirts, but the way Kim does it is totally unique. No wonder she wears any skirt with confidence.

I wish Kim had a fantastic birthday party. She looks fantastic and has an excellent style. Kim Kardashian is literally a fashion icon. Not only does she have taste, she puts energy into bringing out the right look each day. We have many street style looks to borrow from her, so why not let Kim inspire you to dress to impress? Do you think Kim Kardashian has a perfect style?