5. Don’t Do It at a Chaotic Time

Select a quiet time after your mate has wound down after work. Do it over coffee, tea or wine. Make sure no one else is around when you have this discussion.

6. Allow Him or Her to Speak

Give the other person the chance to respond to your desire to end the relationship. Allow the person a few rebuttals, and then calmly let him or her know whether you can work it out some way and you want to break up.

7. Be Firm with Your Final Answer

Let your yea be yea and your nay be nay. Don’t waver. Wavering is dangerous as it sends mixed messages. Your goal is to initiate a clean break with as little damage as possible.

You should have a non-stressful breakup talk if you use the previously mentioned tips. You will not be able to avoid some level of hurt from occurring, but it doesn’t have to be brutal.

H/T :  Positivemed