3. Rehearse a Tactful Delivery in the Mirror

Never do a spontaneous breakup with someone you live with. Rehearse it. Look at yourself in the mirror and imagine what you would feel like if someone was saying those words to you. Use that as a guide in handling your breakup talk. Make sure that you carry yourself with tact. A tactful delivery is one that excludes profanity, demeaning words and snide remarks. A breakup is already an emotionally draining experience. You don’t want to add more to it by being cruel, do you? Hopefully not.

4. Be Not-So-Brutally Honest

It is important to be honest with a person about why you feel the relationship can go no further. Some of the top reasons that people break up are:

Unmet needs
Religious differences
Power struggles
Various Irreconcilable differences
Loss of interest

Don’t use the cliche “It’s not you; it’s me” if it is him or her. Explain your reason for breaking up with the person you live with, but do it in a compassionate manner. That can be easier said than done in a situation in which you believe the other person is abusing you, but try. Start by telling the person some of the things that you liked about him or her. That will help neutralize the tension, unless of course, you mention that you like or miss a derogatory “quality.” Please, don’t do that.