There may be many reasons that you want to break up with someone you live with. You could have a change of heart about premarital cohabitation. You could feel smothered and desire to reclaim your space. Alternatively, you may feel as though you and your partner may just be incompatible. No matter what reason that you have for the desired separation, you have to handle it with tact and compassion. No one in the world actually welcomes rejection, but you can lessen the blow if you do it like this: Here are 7 Steps to Break Up With Someone You Live With

1. Make Sure You’ve Exhausted All Other Options

Some relationships are special, and they are worth fighting for even if it takes a little effort from the both of you. Personal differences, poor petty habits and slightly odd behaviors may be overlooked or smoothed over. Religious standards, dysfunctional relationship dynamics and fundamental personality differences may not be so easily smoothed over. Make sure you are not throwing in the towel prematurely. Think about the stretch of the relationship in depth. If staying in it would hurt you more than it would help you, then you have your answer.

2. Seek Advice and Input from Supportive Folks

Sometimes it is beneficial to get an objective point of view from other people. You can speak to a neutral mutual friend, an objective family member, a counselor, a pastor or a random stranger. All such people can give you advice from an outsider’s standpoint. You may find that your relationship looks quite different to other people than it does to you. For example, you may think you have a fairy-tale relationship, but the people on the outside may think you have a froggy courtship at best.