Man cheats on his girlfriend and they conceive a child. The man is now confused as he does not want this “mistake” to ruin his life. He asks if he should take responsibility for the child, or…

I’m 27-year-old soon-to-be-dad. The thing is, I don’t want to become one.

We’re on good terms with the child’s mother, but we’re not currently dating each other, as we both have our respective partners.

I only recently came back to Nigeria after being absent for several months. Before I made that foreign trip, I cheated on my current girlfriend with this other woman. When I returned, she revealed to me she’s pregnant.

I don’t want this one-night stand to ruin my life. I didn’t plan any children for the nearest couple of years. I wouldn’t like to see my girlfriend leave after she learns that I’ve been unfaithful. There still is time to make an abortion, I would gladly give her the money.

What would you guys suggest? Should I keep the baby and care for it, or do I get rid of the problem and learn a lesson to behave?