Parenting is never an easy job as you think it to be. You have to keep an eye on them continuously for everything. From food to toys, from playing out to watching their favorite cartoons on T.V, they want it all.

Sometimes you lose your temper and at other times you just ignore them or let them have what they want. Some people really don’t know how to be a good parent and end up doing weird things which is really shameful and hilarious.

Here are 12 of these worst parents ever.


1. Shopaholic!

How can a mother be so irresponsible to her infant.



2. Oh! the marks.

Can’t her mother understand that her little daughter is not ready for a sun bath.



3. WTF!

Is she mad leaving her child like this. What if the tape wears out!



4. This is insane.

Why the hell have they given them guns to pose with. It’s ridiculous!



5. Worst father ever.

Even the kid don’t look happy. Giving his tot a wine bottle is not at all cool!



6. What is she upto?

What kind of bushwhacker and out of mind woman she is, letting her child touch these big rifles. Even the dog is scared.



7. Crazy mom at Walmart.

This dotty woman doesn’t want to be disturbed while shopping.



8. Will you left your children at the pole dance floor to play?

It is really not a place to abandon your child to play. Have some sense parents!



9. Child with alcohol all around him.

Height of insanity.



10. So careless!

Who forget their child in the middle of the road.



11. Some adults are really bad at parenting!

See this one. And then they complain about dating at the age of 8.



12. WTF is this!

Brash mommy. We never want to see it again.