When was the last time you made someone breakfast in bed? Gave them a cheesy gift just because? It might seem trivial, but in relationships it’s the little things that count.

In a recent survey, people felt most appreciated in their relationships when their partner gave them small signs of affection, according to research from The Open University.

– Sneak a love note into their pocket (we won’t judge you if it’s a little bit dirty)

– Wake up 10 minutes early so you can bring them coffee in bed

– Give them a surprise gift (that can be naughty or nice)

– Back them up when they’re involved in a silly—but heated—debate

– Kiss (or text) them goodnight

– Post  of one of your favorite memories together on your wall

– Compliment them on something new, like the way they look in hats

– Suggest hanging out with their friends every once in a while instead of yours

– Ask them for their advice on something…and take it

– When they look/smell/taste amazing, tell them

– Help them with a chore they hate, like taxes or laundry