4. Redness or itchiness: Having a bumpy “orange peel” texture on your chest or bosom area could very well be a symptom of chest cancer. If you experience severe itching on your chest and dermatologist visits (and creams) don’t soothe your symptoms, call your doctor.

5. Noticing a lump: There are benign lumps that form in the chest that may not be cancerous. However, if you notice a mass (that you haven’t noticed before, or that feels harder than the surrounding lumps) schedule a chest examination. Be sure to notice any sort of abnormal mass near your armpit; though it is not in your chest, it could still be chest cancer.

6. Chest Pain: This can be caused by a variety of other things that aren’t cancer. Fluctuating hormones, some fertility treatments, stress and wearing a bra that doesn’t fit right can all cause chest pain. If your pain isn’t caused by this list or accompanies other symptoms, contact your doctor.

Some women feel pain in their back or chest instead of their chest. If this pain does not go away with physical therapy or stretching, inform your doctor.