If we see cold lonely nights for what they really are, we can better prevent them and apprehend them. Here are a few tips to help you stay focused and happy this season.

1. Fast from social media for the evening: It can be a blow to one’s esteem to go on social media and stay on there for a long time living vicariously through others. This person is going out, that person it doing something, but what are you doing? If you’re choosing to stay in, that’s great; now turn off your social media accounts and notifications. Try a social media fast and forgo spending your night viewing from the sidelines what other people are doing. Rest your mind and keep your focus off of the need to go out to feel wanted or for attention. Take this time off to rest and recharge yourself.

2. Get productive in your purpose: Listen, we are not going to go out every weekend—it’s a killjoy for our budget and personal goals. You may be sitting on your purpose but you choose to make busyness your date instead of your purpose. You can turn those cold lonely nights into evenings strategically mapping out your dreams. Invest in some books to help you either identify your purpose in God or help you make your business ideas into a business in line with your purpose. Either way, you can utilize this critical window of opportunity in your single season to develop the foundation for your future. You’ll be so focused on the productivity that you won’t have time to entertain cold lonely nights.

3. Go out and try something new: The new season calls for new and traditional activities that you can try. Call up some friends or invite a couple of coworkers to fellowship at a positive event. You can do painting classes, see a movie or play, go to festivals, etc. Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to a nice night out either. Take yourself out on a date and enjoy your evening and have fun. Cold lonely nights want you to believe that your life is less exciting and fulfilling because you don’t have someone, but it’s not true. Your life is as fulfilling as you are willing to be open to new things that will benefit you and your personal growth.

4. Get in contact with your support system: Sometimes we get hit bad with the symptoms of cold lonely nights to the point of tears, or worse—reaching out to that ex or random for attention and validation. Before you attempt to do any of that, get in contact with your support system. This could mean getting into prayer mode with just you and the Lord, or calling up/inviting over your close friends to help pray for/with you as you go through this battle.

Loneliness is a lie from the enemy. The Bible tells us throughout it that we are not alone, and thus don’t have to succumb to feeling lonely. Ask God to take the spirit of heaviness off of you and get the joy He has for you instead. The joy and peace of God is so great, it could very well warm you up. If you feel lonely, don’t be afraid to reach out to someone who can support you spiritually, but not physically in the inappropriate sense. Far too often, Cold Lonely Nights cause singles to enter bad relationships, situationships, or other destructive behaviors that can harm you in the long run more than help you for a small moment. Don’t settle for hooking up, you deserve more than that.

Source: B.L.I.S.S