Simple Ways to Show a Guy That You Like Him

These are few tips on how you can let a guy know that you like him so much, without being too obvious about it.

Give him your most charming smile
More guys have fallen for a girl’s smile than her looks. All girls have that special smile that they reserve for the guy they are attracted to. Guys can unconsciously tune into a girl’s attraction when they are subject to this “special” smile. If you really like him, your face will glow with that charming smile when you see him. He is bound to catch on to the vibe quite unconsciously.

Look deep into his eyes
Eyes are the most expressive parts of our body and they have the capacity to say a thousand things while being completely silent. When he is around you, just look into his eyes directly (not his face, just his eyes) and hold you gaze for a just a couple of seconds. It helps to have a slightly “awed” (serious and sensual) expression on your face when you do this, as it would send a subtle message of your attraction towards this guy.

Silence conveys love more than words
If you get to “talky” with him, he is bound to think of you more as a friend than a “love interest”. Initially it helps if the girl retains her silence and acts shy around the guy. This has two advantages, firstly shyness is taken as a sign of attraction and secondly, you will appear as an “enigma” to the guy who will want to explore you. So don’t talk too much, and let your eyes and smile do the talking. Be shy around him.

Get him to compliment you
Dress classy and get him to pay attention. Wear something that has an appeal among guys, like a pretty top. Wear something classy, not something “revealing”, or bold, as it sends the wrong message. If he has “feelings” for you, he is bound to notice your “cute” look and compliment you. When he does compliment you be sure to say something like “I am glad you like it” or “I like it when you compliment me”. These words are not “obvious” and can trigger the guy to think about what you “could” have meant by saying that.

Ask him for a lift
If you work in the same office, or live around the same locality, you can ask him to drop you home, or to the office, on some pretext or the other. When a girl asks a guy to give her a lift, it’s a subtle way of conveying that she feels “secure” with him. A guy is bound to take this hint as an indication of your liking for him. It’s not so “obvious” and it does the trick.