It’s no surprise that since our grandmothers time, a woman’s crowning glory was always her hair. Long, lustrous and thick hair has, is and always will be coveted by women of all ages. For some of us lucky ones, genetics plays a big part and we find ourselves blessed with naturally long and thick hair. For the rest of us, it unfortunately means we have to go that extra mile to get our hair to grow fast and that also in a healthy way. Worry not girls, as there are now easy, quick and cheap home remedies that will get your hair growing fast in no time. Read on to uncover these fabulous tips on how to make your hair grow fast and believe us, they actually work!


This one is so obvious and so common, that our instincts tell us it’s outdated and doesn’t work. Tried and tested by in numerous women, this one rings true. More fact than myth, it’s been proven that massaging your scalp with oil at least 30 minutes before you go for your shower actually helps your hair stay healthy and in top form, ensuring that hair growth is also fast. You can use any oil like Jojoba, Aloe Vera, Olive oil, Coconut or even a mix of multiple oils. To make your hair growth even more healthy and fast, heat the oil a little before massaging it into your scalp. It helps tremendously.


There are varying opinions on just how to to make your hair grow fast and how many times we should head to the salon for a trim to get rid of those unsightly split-ends. Well, experts say that regardless of the condition of your hair, we need to get a trim at least every 6 months. If your hair is more prone to getting dry ends and splitting, then it’s definitely got to be sooner than 6 months for you. This may be annoying since your aim is to grow hair longer and getting a trim doesn’t help, but in the long run, it will! Your hair tips need care and attention too, as their condition affects the root as well. If the root isn’t doing well, your hair won’t grow fast, it’s really quite simple.


What we do to our hair after its been oiled and shampooed is often no less than a horror story! We tug and pull, blast heat on it, iron it, roll it and spray god knows what not on it. It’s no wonder then that we find our hair just won’t grow in a healthy or quick way. If you’re really serious about growing your hair fast, then you’ll have to sacrifice and let go of your heating and electronic hair devices for at least some time. If you feel that you can’t do without at least blow drying your hair, then do it a favor and make a habit of always rubbing some heat protecting serum on it after stepping out of the shower. Another very essential step to remember is using anti split-end serum or balm on your hair while it’s still damp. By doing so, you’re decreasing the chances of split-ends popping up, hence minimizing those 6 monthly trims! See, where there’s a will, there’s always a way.


I remember always being scolded by my mom when she’d catch me tugging and pulling at my wet hair with a mean brush. I wish I had listened to her! Ask any woman with long gorgeous hair if she brushes her hair right after showering, and the answer will most probably be a ‘No!’.

Our hair is at its most vulnerable right after its been washed, and the most we can do to ensure our hair grows at a fast and in a healthy way, is by letting it get damp first and then gently combing the tangles out with a wide toothed comb. Start from the ends and work your way up. You’ll notice a big difference in your hair’s overall look and feel in no time.


We shower every day, well most of us anyway, so we automatically reach for that shampoo bottle and start torturing our poor hair, even if it was already reasonably clean. It’ll be hard to break the habit, I know because I’m still trying! According to hair experts, a sure shot way to get your hair to grow fast is to avoid shampoo build-up. Ever notice a greasy residue in your hair roots that doesn’t really seem like your natural hair oil? That’s because it’s all that build-up from the shampoos and conditioners we use on our hair on a daily basis. Unless your hair is naturally greasy and needs to be washed every 24 hours, try shampooing it every 2 or 3 days, and let nature take its course. In no time, you’ll find your hair free of unnecessary cleaning agents and on its way to growing faster.


The one thing I’ve noticed girls with fast hair growth doing is taking time out and treating their hair to simple home-made masks. What’s excellent about these is that they’re completely free of any harmful chemicals and are nutritious for our hair in the long run. You can always crack an egg and mask your hair with it. Eggs are full of different benefits for our hair, and you can also use them depending on your hair type. Egg whites are great for getting rid of grease and excessive build-up, while egg yolks are moisturizing. Adding different ingredients like honey, yogurt, lemon or any essential oil will be even better for your hair growth. Doing so every once or twice a week will surely help out in making your hair grow fast in a healthy way.


How we treat ourselves is often reflected in our physical self. We are aware that for healthy skin, we need to eat healthy too, but so often we forget all about our hair. Our hair also needs nutrition, just like our body. It is a living growing thing, and by treating it right, there’s no reason why your hair won’t grow fast. No matter how much external effort we put into taking care of our hair, if our health isn’t going great, neither will our hair growth. Make sure you’re getting the right amount of sleep, drink plenty of water and even if you’re not an exercise fan, an evening walk once in a while won’t hurt.

The reason why most models and celebs have their hair growing fast in no time is because they take great care of themselves. If you’re healthy from the inside, there’s no reason for your hair not to grow fast.

There you have it. No long list of difficult tasks on how to make your hair grow fast. Just simple and common steps that will get your hair growing so soon you’ll wonder why you never tried them before. Some of these tips are so easy to add to our daily routine that you might as well start right now. Trust us, when you’ll see your hair growing fast, you’ll be thanking us real soon!