Simple Time Saving Beauty Tricks That You Need

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Who has the time to spend an hour putting on makeup and doing their nails? Hardly anyone but beauty regimens don’t have to take an hour or more, unless we’re talking about weekends and self-pampering. So, we can all do with some time-saving beauty tips and here they are.

1. Switch to shower oil

Shower gels and most other detergents leave your skin wanting in the moisturising department, so you have to spend precious time rubbing in lotions and similar. Instead, switch to shower oil, which doesn’t strip your skin of the oils it needs and saves time.

2. Instant curls

Long hair and styling it take time you don’t often have. If you want to add some volume to your locks before leaving for work, pull your hair back into a ponytail, twist it, and press it with a straightener. This will give you nice waves for the day.

3. Baby powder

If you didn’t have the energy to wash your hair last night and have no time to do it this morning, rub some dry shampoo or baby powder into the roots and then brush away, that will take care of the unpleasant greasiness for the day.

4. Flyaway control

Flyaways can be massively irritating but they can be fixed in a minute with moisturising lotion. Take a pea-sized amount, rub on your hands and touch up the flyaways. This approach has the added benefit of moisturising the ends of your hair, which as a rule tend to be drier than the roots. You can also use dryer sheets to keep the frizz under control.

5. Primer

If you decide to use primer as part of your makeup ritual, you might save time when it comes to foundation and concealer application. If you do insist on foundation, use it only on the places where you really need it, makeup experts suggest.

6. Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliners may give you better definition but using them requires a lot of concentration and, hence, time. Opt for a pencil eyeliner, and a soft one. For added definition, heat it with a lighter for a second, wait a few more and then apply. Heat will make the pencil softer and easier to use.

7. Have your arsenal ready

To save time in the morning, choose your clothes the night before and lay out all the makeup you will be putting on. This will reduce the time you need to put on a more beautiful face. Also, the less, the better – you don’t need tonnes of makeup for the day, do you?

8. Shower tips

Use your time in the shower wisely – put on a nourishing hair and face masks, then shave, exfoliate the rest of your body, etc. The more you get done in the shower, the better, and there is so much to do there!

9. Mirror, mirror

Shower time is nice but a foggy mirror that you have to use to put your makeup on is not so nice. De-fog it instantly with the blow drier. It’s better to use this device on the mirror, but not on your hair, anyway, since it tends to make it too dry if you use it regularly.

10. Bag-free eyes

There’s a simple trick to conceal those bags under your eyes – apply concealer not in a line but in a triangle shape between the inner and outer tips of your eyes and just below your cheekbone. In fact, even if you don’t really have circles but just look tired, this will help you look more awake and fresher.

11. Eyes or lips?

When you decide on your makeup, remember that all experts advise that you only highlight one feature at a time: eyes or lips, but never both, even if you’re going for the nude look. This advice is precious – it not only ensures that you’ll look good, it saves you time as well.

12. Big eyes

To make your eyes bigger and more expressive, line the inner rim of your lower lid with a flesh-coloured pencil, before applying mascara. As for the upper lid, use light, shimmery eyeshadows to further the effect. Don’t put too much shadow around the inner tip of your eyes though, if you want your makeup to look somewhat natural.

13. Bright colour

If you really love the colour of your eyes, make it stand out by lining your entire eye, both the upper lid and the rim of the lower lid. Don’t overdo it, though, just a thin line will do, because if you put on too much, your eyes will look smaller.

14. Get kissable

If you’ve decided to highlight your mouth, there’s a couple of things you can do quickly. First, apply a bit of concealer around the edges, to ensure better definition of the lipstick. Next, to get that perfect Cupid’s bow, draw an x at the centre of your upper lip with a lip pencil. Then proceed with your lipstick of choice.

What are your favorite five-minute beauty tips and tricks?

Stay happy!