Every day is a beautiful day, but let’s face it- we are all people. Problems happen, which lead to depression, and day by day of sadness. But you need just these 4 things to get through everyday.


1. A SMILEI know it may sound obvious, but having a smile on your face will make you feel better, and others be attracted to you. You can make a new friend, and physically feel better. If you show others your kind- they may actually see you as that person. Also having a frown requires more muscles on your face than a smile.


2. NEW EYESNo, not technically new eyes! But a new look at the world. Instead of you looking at the rain in a gloomy way- be happy and think of the beauty of nature and what water could do. If its snowing- think of the beauty of the snowflakes and all their different designs. Having new eyes toward the world will help provide you to be more optimistic, elated, and of course make your day.


3. GOOD HYGIENEHaving good hygiene, shows others you respect yourself, and of course will make you feel better. If its just taking a quick shower in the morning, putting on cologne or deoderant – smelling and being clean will make your day awsome, and attract people to you.


4. KINDNESS– Being mean can make you feel very aggressive. (Of course in some situations it is required- so use it!) But being kind to others will make others happy, and of course will make you feel better for not being negative nor agressive to another.

Though there are other ways to make you happy, and go through your days- these are the main primary ones to make your day.

Comment below if you think there are other primary things to help you get through your day!:)