You might think you’ve got this whole romance thing down,and i’ m not saying u don’t,but there are a whole bunch of uncommon romantic gestures you might not have considered.

1. MAKE HER A MIXTAPE: okay,so maybe not an actual tape since few people have cassette players anymore. A mixed CD would certainly fit the bill. so taking the time to think of some songs that she would like will show her you care.

2. BORROW A PUPPY: There is something undeniably adorable about taking a puppy for a walk. so imagine how into you she’ll be once she sees you with a cute little pooch.
borrow from a friend or a family member,ask around. there’s bound to be someone who has a dog u can borrow. for a real declaration of your future intent,you could even borrow a friend’s baby or a toddler to watch for an afternoon.

3. LEAVE HER NOTES: There’s nothing like a little suprise note left in places she wont expect to show her you care. try writing a romantic note on a post-it and attaching it to her laptop screen.
so it’s there for her when she opens the computer. you could also slip notes into the book she’s reading.

4. TAKE HER BACK TIME: She would appreciate a look into your past. ask your parents to send a bunch of photos of you from when you were growing up.
she’l get a kick out of looking at photos of the boy you once were-before you became the man for whom she fell. still coming