Signs You’re Ready to try the marriage train a second time

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Seventy-five percent of divorced man or woman will get married again according to a study done by the Center for Demography and Ecology at the University of Wisconsin. Some of the reasons are pragmatic in nature, while the others are simply because of plain ‘ol love.

If you’re divorced and  toying with the idea of getting married again but are unsure if you’re ready to take the plunge again, don’t worry. It’s actually a good thing to proceed down the aisle with caution. It means that you’re very much willing to right the wrong this time around. Check out these six telltale signs to know if you’re ready to get married again.

You’ve gotten over your ex

Not just your ex, but the break-up as well. This is vital in getting married again. Rebound relationships are troubling enough; rebound marriage is a whole new level of crazy. If you’re 200% sure that you’re emotionally stable, you should feel confident saying “I Do.”

You’ve dated enough

You’ve done the dating scene the Taylor Swift way, liked it and are now tired of it. You now have a solid idea of what you want in a relationship and who you want it with. You’ve found the right one; the one that you’re willing to date for the rest of your life.

You wholly accept your partner

Meaning flaws and all. A couple’s still high on love chemicals during the early stages of dating, so flaws are sometimes overlooked. But as the relationship progresses, the reality seeps through, and this is the period when you decide if you can put up with it always or never. Acceptance is a high – if not the highest – form of love. Give me an example. Okay, here’s one: Your boyfriend keeps leaving the toilet seat up, so you put it down every single time. Zero discussion.

You’re financially ready

Let’s face it; love alone will not pay for our monthly utility bills. It all boils down to economics. That’s the reality, especially when there are kids involved. You don’t need to be included in Forbes Top 100 Richest to get married, but having a stable source of income will kick you off to a good start.

You’re ready for a marriage, not just the wedding

The wedding gown, tux, cake and wedding singers are all exciting, but there’s more to a marriage than all this and no one knows more about it than you. Although it’s quite fun to prepare for the big day, the real preparation should be for what happens after that.

You’re truly, madly, deeply in love with each other

Now this is a pre-requisite for marriage. Before you even start dreaming of a happily ever after, first, make sure that the intensity of love you have for each other is equal. Call us ho hum hopeless romantics, but love should be the ultimate foundation of marriage. If you’re getting married for other reasons apart from love, then you should think thrice before saying I do. If you need to talk your fiancé into getting married or reason out with yourself on why you should…don’t.