Long for the Same Things

Do you both long for the same things in life? Though having shared hopes and dreams is good for a relationship, it doesn’t mean that the relationship will actually work long enough for you both to achieve those goals together. It’s important to think of what you both look like together in the present moment instead of what might happen in the future. You will be much more grounded if you live your life day to day with them, fulfilling any kind of happiness that you both see in each other. If you both do end up lasting longer than expected, then good for you! However, don’t take it personal if it ends up not working out.

Love the Way They Make You Feel

Just because this person can make you feel good doesn’t exactly warrant a good reason for you to fall in love with them. Yes, we all love those touchy-feely emotions we get when we are first meeting someone, but realize that those feelings may be yours and yours alone. It’s important to enjoy yourself while you have those emotions, but know that they are not worth falling in love with someone over. Take your love in stride, just remember that they are happy to be with you; put your friendship in front of everything else.

Hopefully this has given you some insight into the world of love and what it means to be in love with someone. There are some little things here and there where it can prove to be difficult to manage a relationship, but just as long as you keep moving forward, then you will do just fine.

Source: Higherperspectives