The following 10 signs your girlfriend is angry can give you some direction to do that.

1. She stops being the first to get in touch

Women are often the first one to contact you and start making plans for the day. They will call, text or email you – if they aren’t there with you. If they are, they come to you themselves and get the morning’s greetings done nicely. When your girl is mad at you, she won’t bother making first contact. You won’t hear from her at all. And if you make contact with her, she won’t make an effort to reply.

2. Her responses are terse

When everything is cool between you two, her responses seem like a novel you’d enjoy reading late night. But when she is angry at you, those responses will be reduced to a simple yes, no, hmm, okay kind of thing. And that’s when you need to realize the silence is an answer too.

3. She responds late, if at all

For a woman who spends a lot of her time on the phone and such, she’d reply instantly. If she’s taking too long, there is something troubling her and so, she spends those first few minutes debating whether to reply to you or not; too pre-occupied with her worry as she is. And then you hear from her at last, which she only does out of kindness.

4. She participates less

Whether it’s being up and about doing your favorite things together or talking about mutual interests – if your girl is there all silent, know that she is angry. Not participating in things that once interested her is a major sign that she isn’t in her element. You should be concerned when she doesn’t express the desire to talk to you about anything, like she always does.

5. She becomes “sarcastically” happy

When you don’t notice your girl isn’t entirely happy, she will pretend to be happy, using a sarcastic touch to it to let you know, silently, that she isn’t particularly happy about some aspect of your relationship. In times like this, then, she will make use of such an over-the-top expression of her displeasure. Don’t let it go unnoticed.