Here are few signs that say you and your partner are made for each other.

1. You tell him everything: Being in a committed relationship, you may just realise that you have become his best friend one day. And so, sharing your best-kept secrets with your partner is a great thing to do. The day you start telling him almost everything, you will know that you are a compatible couple.

2. You can see a future with him: Sometimes being in the same space makes life seem beautiful, doesn’t it? And who doesn’t like to picture a life that is complete with the man of your dreams? If you can see a future with him, then you’re on the right track.

3. You are ready to work it out: After every fight when you resolve to end the relationship, that one part of you refuses to give in. And then comes the most challenging bit when you decide to work things out. Our differences make us who we are, and therefore working around them is the best we can do.

4. You want him to meet your family: When Mr Right walks into your life, you wish him to be as accepted as you are in the family. The day you feel proud and confident about your man and want him to meet your parents, you will know that you have struck the right chord.

5. You can be yourself in front of him: To be able to shed your inhibitions in front of your man invariably takes a lot of time. But then comes a phase when you realise that you need not be a different person to have his attention. Being compatible with your guy also means that you no longer feel conscious about yourself.

6. You laugh together: It doesn’t take a lot to be able to laugh together. In the midst of your busy life, it is great to know that you can humour each other sometimes. Trust us, it is one of life’s simplest pleasures.

7. You can do your own thing: Who says that you cannot enjoy your freedom when in a relationship? Being in a compatible relationship also means that he understands you and respects your decisions. If you can do your own thing without him throwing a fit, then you know that he is the right man for you.