You may be the man who has treated her better than anyone ever did, but have no idea if she’s in love with you? Here are warning signs that she’s not even remotely interested in you… 

Women are equally difficult as men, if not more, when it comes to handing a cue to the opposite sex on how high their interest level is. And while everyone thinks men love the chase, the truth is, when one is unable to receive signals from the other end, the chase can be pretty frustrating. While she may enjoy the attention, love the flowers, savour the chocolates, and blush at the flirtatious text messages, she may just take it in jest without really making an effort to give you a positive nod that says, “I like you way beyond the regular already”. And sometimes, it gets too late to decipher what her intentions truly are. So here’s a quick decoder for all you men who are unaware what she’s up to, whether she’s into you or not, and when you should stop the pursuit.

Your sense of humour, d’uh!
Sense of humour plays an important role in signifying if you’re likable or not, at least in the case of women. If she stays stone-faced when you are in the best of your humour, thinks you’re stupid and asks you to stop cracking lame punches, or even worse, scorns at you, you haven’t appealed to her funny bone, or maybe she just lacks that. So, let her wait for some stand-up comedian she doesn’t have to pay to watch. You try your luck elsewhere.

What an excuse!
Catch a hint from the explanation she gives you when you try to reach out to her or want to go out on a date. If she’s giving excuses like, ‘Got to meet my maternal uncle,’ or ‘Not today, have to take my pet for a walk’, or even, ‘Been a while I’ve vacuumed the house’, well, she’s indicating that you are not to waste your time on her. And why should you, when extended family, pet and a dirty apartment is what she’s happy with.

There’s a friend of mine you should meet
It’s funny, but women are emotional that way. If they know you have a soft corner for them, and they think you’re a sweet man, they wouldn’t say no to you. Instead, they will try to hook you up with a friend they like. This way, they feel, they wouldn’t hurt you much. In this context, just ask them to say a yes or no, instead of playing matchmaker.

She’s ‘Happy Being Single’
When a woman finds a prospective man, she shuns the whole, ‘Thank God I am single,’ and starts chanting, ‘I wish I meet someone special’. Yes, women do that to subtly suggest to a man that she needs them to make a move soon. But if you’re not that guy, maybe you should run in the opposite direction and not make a fool of yourself.

You’re a great friend
My! Women love hammering that line on you. That’s just a way of saying, ‘You are not the man I’m looking for, but you can stick around and be a dot in my circle of friends’. These are the women, you think, who love your company. They sure do, but they’ve comfortably shelved you in the friend zone.

All the other men, except you, are attractive
Yes, this is the final blow. They will talk about every other man, except you, and label them as attractive. And all this, in front of you. If she’s doing that on a regular basis, time you start ignoring her.

What to do next:
When you know she’s acting pricey, here’s what you should do:
1. Let her know you need an answer and assure her the friendship won’t change even if she says no.
2. Give her space, maybe that’s what she needs right now.
3. Treat her like any other woman. When she gets a feeling that she’s being treated like one in a million, she thinks you’re so into her. Stop that immediately.
4. Cut loose before it hurts too much. Self-preservation is the best you can do, because she’s already made it clear she doesn’t want you. So, before you turn into the dejected lover on the couch with a bottle of alcohol, stop contacting her.