Sometimes emotions get pretty easy; boy meets girl, they like each other and they move on to be together and all is well.

Sometimes, it is not as easy as that. sometimes, we realize we have fallen for the man who is still hung up on his ex or some woman who came along before us and then we get stuck because for some reason, he can’t move on from that point.

This can be frustrating, especially when a woman cannot lay her hands on the real reason she cannot have a future with the man she likes and who she is almost certain likes her.

However, if any of these signs are being exhibited, then they might just be the pointers you need and that can save you from an impending heartbreak.

He talks about her all the time – there is nothing wrong with a man talking about his ex and what happened with them. But this has to be because you are on that topic and not because he wants to reminisce or just keep talking about her. The moment he talks about her every time you are discussing something not remotely related to her then maybe he is still very much into her.

When he is not talking about her, he is in communication with her – So when he is not filling your ears with how amazing his ex was or the horrible things she did that tore his tender heart into pieces, he is somewhere pinging her, stalking her IG account or calling her on the phone.

This is a danger sign trust me and no matter the reason he gives for this, there is no sense whatsoever in it. And you know what’s more? You are likely to get dumped soon enough.

He is her knight in shining armour – whenever anything goes wrong with her, she calls him and he is there before you can blink. He leaves your side to answer to her needs and abandons you every time to take care of her.

And whenever you complain about this, he tells you she needs him and he is just being there for her.

If he still feels the need to abandon a new person and go all the way for someone in his past, something is very wrong.

He hates the new guy – so he heard she is dating someone new and he goes all moody like a kid who has been denied his favorite candy. If this is not wrong and the first sign that this person is not ready for you, then I wonder what is?

“souvenirs” from the previous relationship – he still keeps an empty bottle of her fave fragrance by his bedside, or maybe it is the last gift she got him that is still lying so close to him that it is the first thing he opens his eyes to in the morning.

He still keeps so many pictures of her and smiles warmly when he checks them. If this isn’t someone hungover his ex, then what is?

Run when you can.